COP warned of imminent Greenland Heinrich event


Palaeoclimatologists have  reported rapid melting of the base of the Greenland ice sheet raising concerns that there could be an ice surge Heinrich event that could raise world sea levels by 5m in as many days, an event not seen since MIS 5e 127,000 years ago . The implications of this are too ghastly to contemplate -at least 15% of the best agricultural land would be lost , ports become inoperable and a number of Fukashima nuclear power plant events could happen dumping Plutonium into the seas .
Then of course up to 1.5 billion people would be forced onto higher ground without food etc , some islands would disappear completely .

How did we ever get here ? It has been known for more than 100 years that sea level has been  higher in the recent geological  past due to changing orbital  parameters – the wide coast plains and raised beaches make it obvious,  yet  infrastructure and housing has been in many countries concentrated on the coasts – this is  incredible reckless stupidity !  -DESMODUS  

 (The cold fresh water will freeze  and stall the N>Atlantic gyre causing a 10-20c temperature drop over N,America and Europe equivalent to the Younger Dryas cold event 11-10.6 Kyr ago or even worse given that we are at the end of the current interglacial warm phase full glacial inception could occur with a return to the rapid D/O cycles that made previoulsy made ‘civilisation’ impossible )

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