Conquered California

Governor Gavin Newsom’s June 22 Facebook and Twitter address to the people of California should have been a big story in the conservative media-sphere. It wasn’t, because the right dismisses California as too far gone. And yes, we are, but that doesn’t mean what’s happening here isn’t instructive, not with fleeing Californians resettling in red states and swing states, making them bluer. Not with anti-American immigrants settling in the heartland and taking over entire congressional districts. So, sure, mock us in Cali. But don’t ignore what’s happening here, because there are plenty of people who want the same thing to happen to you.

Pay attention to California as a cautionary tale.

“Stalin” Newsom’s social media address was the speech of an occupier to a conquered people. The gist of his lecture was essentially, “Everything this state was was bad. You Californians who were here in the 1990s were monsters. But we’ve vanquished you; you’re desolated, done. Your opinions no longer matter, your accomplishments are being dismantled, and better people are replacing you.”