Congressman Admits Biden Should Not Have Nuclear Codes Following Health Report


Republican Pennsylvania congressman Guy Reschenthaler is calling for President Biden to resign immediately, citing a report that questions Biden’s mental fitness to handle classified documents.

The report, conducted by Special Counsel Robert Hur, described Biden as an elderly man with a poor memory.

“Biden should step down immediately. The fact that you have a special counsel report that came out that said that he’s not mentally fit to handle classified documents. This is the guy that has the nuclear codes,” Reschenthaler said.

Reschenthaler has demanded Biden’s resignation, criticized the Cabinet for not invoking the 25th Amendment, and expressed concerns about Biden’s ability to handle international issues, particularly in relation to his military background and the handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

“Joe Biden lacks the mental fitness to be President of the United States,” Reschenthaler wrote on X. “He doesn’t know when he was Vice President. He has no idea about key events in his personal life. And he has access to our nuclear codes?”


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