Cleansing by fire? Hong Kong protesters set QUARANTINE-slated building alight as locals reject any coronavirus patients near them

In a bizarre attack, masked protesters have thrown Molotov cocktails into the lobby of a building that the Hong Kong authorities were planning to use to quarantine people in need of testing for the deadly coronavirus.

As of Sunday, a total of eight people in Hong Kong had been diagnosed with the disease originating from the mainland China city of Wuhan, with three more patients added to the list. Hong Kong has declared a state of emergency over the outbreak and rolled out measures to prevent the spread of the infection.

One of these was meant to reserve a newly-built empty public housing building in the Fanling area as a backup quarantine area for people who may have contacted infected patients but don’t show symptoms themselves.


But the decision has sparked protests from some local residents fearful that the building would pose a public health threat. On Sunday, some seemed to have taken their fears to another level, by using firebombs.

In the wake of the incident the Hong Kong health authorities said the plan to use the building was suspended. Several other sites in more isolated locations have been set aside for the same purpose.

[Hardly a “bizarre” attack.  As per usual, the “people” have more common sense than their “leaders.”  I am reminded of the rank and file regular workers in those “Alien” movies who exhibited more wisdom and common sense than their malevolent bosses. — S. Byron Gassaway]