Can American voters trust rising Republican star Vivek Ramaswamy?

RT 2 Sep, 2023 17:08

On August 1, federal prosecutors presented their 45-page indictment against Trump, alleging that he pressed election officials to reject voting results in their states in order to overturn the election. Ramaswamy blasted the latest round of indictments targeting the Republican Party’s top candidate, writing on X (formerly Twitter): “Donald Trump isn’t the cause of what happened on Jan 6. The real cause was systematic & pervasive censorship of citizens in the year leading up to it. If you tell people they can’t speak, that’s when they scream.”

Yet compare that to what Ramaswamy had to say about Trump’s response to the January 6 insurrection/protest/rebellion/riot/take your pick just days after the Capitol building was breached by hundreds of Orange Man supporters.

“What Trump did last week was wrong. Downright abhorrent. Plain and simple.

Still, that is nothing compared to what the pharmaceutical mogul had to say about Trump in his 2022 book, ‘Nation of Victims’, which sounds as though it were penned by the most progressive leftist in the Democratic Party.

“It was a dark day for democracy. The loser of the last election refused to concede the race, claimed the election was stolen, raised hundreds of millions of dollars from loyal supporters, and is considering running for executive office again.

I’m referring, of course, to Donald Trump.”


In 2011, Ramaswamy accepted a $90,000 scholarship from the Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans, which was founded by Daisy and Paul Soros, the now-deceased older brother of billionaire financier and philanthropist George Soros.

People are criticizing the young Republican upstart not because of the award’s familial connection to the controversial George Soros, but because he severely understated his financial position at the time, suggesting he needed the scholarship to afford tuition at Yale Law School. As it turned out that was not true.

“There was a separate scholarship that I won at the age of 24-25, when I was going to law school … when I didn’t have the money and it was a merit scholarship that hundreds of kids win, that was partially funded, not by George Soros, but by Paul Soros a relative, his brother,” Ramaswamy said.

In 2011, the same year he accepted the scholarship, Ramaswamy reported $2,252,209 in total income, according to his tax returns, which he released in June. He reported a total of $1,173,690 in income in the three years prior. In other words, Ramaswamy was a millionaire when he accepted the $90,000 award, which could have been presented to another person who truly needed it.

Meanwhile, other people are asking if America really needs a pharmaceutical executive in the White House after the nation just passed through long months of lockdowns, forced mask-wearing, and a mandatory vaccine regime. Once again, Ramaswamy’s track record on this issue leaves a lot to be desired.


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