Bye Bye Boris

Moon of Alabama:

On February 28, five days after the start of the war in Ukraine, I made a prediction:

The final intent of this economic war is regime change in Russia.The likely consequence will be regime change in many other countries.

Boris is only the first of many to fall over the steep price increases the ‘western’ sanctions on Russia have caused.

And lets not forget the Assad curse which can now count another entry on its already long casualty list:

Boris Johnson calls Assad a ‘monster’ who needs ‘decapitating’ – Sky News, Apr 18, 2017

So its bye bye Boris.

Reader comment::

BoJo the Clown was a very useful idiot for the American Atlanticists and will be properly rewarded as have Blair, Obomber, the Clinton Gang, Brandon, etc etc.

UK is almost the 51st state, vying with Israel, and the EU has almost been economically sealed off from the East. Mission accomplished for Blinkin and Nod, along with the rest of the Kagan Crime family.

The Masters of War are also pleased, as the pseudo left in the US Congress has been forced to kneel before the mighty reapportionment and pay homage to the Gods of War to the detriment of their “constituents”.

Above all the US media has proven the value of continuous respondent conditioning on an overworked, terrorized sheeple. Remember: do not think rationally, only emotionally and tribally.

Let the profit gouging continue, unhindered.

Victory is served.

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