Biden’s “Cancer Charity” raked in millions but spent nothing on medical research, tax filings show


A cancer charity created by presumed president-elect Joe Biden failed to allocate a single dollar for medical research, according to media reports, with most of the group’s cash going towards generous salaries.

Federal tax filings reveal that the Biden Cancer Initiative, founded in 2017 by the former vice president and his wife Jill, did not distribute grants during its first two years of operations, the New York Post reported. The charity, created after Biden’s oldest son, Beau, died from brain cancer in 2015, states that its mission is to “develop and drive implementation of solutions to accelerate progress in cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, research and care.”

Reader comment: “Joe Biden is like a web browser with 19 tabs open: 17 are frozen and he don’t know where the music is coming from.”

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