Biden told one absolute truth during his press conference

by Andrea Widburg

The AP’s Zeke Miller reminded Biden about the problems currently facing him (the economy, COVID, failed bills, nation’s divisions), and asked if he over-promised what he would achieve and if he plans to course correct.  Biden, speaking the absolute truth, stated, “I have probably outperformed what anybody thought would happen.”


Who predicted that in a single year, Biden would destroy America’s energy independence, send inflation skyrocketing, come very close to breaking the American economy entirely, destroy America’s southern border, come within minutes of a land war with Russia, preside over the deaths of more American civilians than any president in history, castigate an entire political party as the living embodiment of Jim Crow and the KKK, utterly destroy America’s and the military’s prestige in Afghanistan, drastically increase America’s racial tension, politicize federal law, and turn the military into an increasingly dysfunctional woke institution?

Yes, Joe, you did outperform what anybody thought would happen, but it’s nothing to boast about.  If you had any decency, you’d admit that you didn’t really win the election, hand the White House keys to Trump, and slink away ignominiously and forever.

Taliban fighters victory pose
Taliban Leaders


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