Biden administration cleans up border for congressional visit: Nothing to see here, move along

By Monica Showalter

Joe Biden’s keeping to his priorities in this presidential term he’s ‘serving’ and that means appearances are more important than reality.

Which brings us to the border, where a Congressional delegation of 60 is expected to make an appearance in the migrant-surging Del Rio Border Patrol sector, and all of a sudden, the border’s empty, under control, almost nobody coming.

According to Breitbart News:

EAGLE PASS, Texas — With just hours to go before the largest yet congressional visit arrives at the border in the small Texas town of Eagle Pass, a source within Customs and Border Protection tells Breitbart Texas what they will witness pales in comparison to the migrant surge and grossly overcrowded facilities experienced during the month of December. A nearby soft-sided processing facility designed to accommodate 1,000 migrants that has routinely held nearly 6,000 during the month is now holding less than 500.

According to the source, not authorized to speak to the media, the facility has been nearly emptied through daily migrant releases of nearly 1,500 daily into the small border community of Eagle Pass. At times, when non-government migrant shelters in the Del Rio Border Patrol Sector closed during the holidays or reached capacity, direct migrant releases onto the city streets were conducted to reduce the numbers.

The Border Patrol source that Breitbart quotes notes that they’ve seen this weird pullback-before-the-tsunami behavior in the past — it happened just before another congressional delegation was set to visit the border last September, as was SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.

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