Biden Admin Unveils Strategy To Combat ‘Domestic Terrorism,’ Labels White Supremacy As ‘Lethal’ Threat

Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent

President Joe Biden’s administration announced a new “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism” that focuses in part on white supremacy, declared to be a “lethal threat” Tuesday.

The initiative follows a review, directed by Biden to his national security team, of how the government addresses domestic terrorism. The “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism” aims to bolster the government’s response to such incidents, according to a White House press release.

“The review was rooted in an expert assessment of the domestic terrorism threat provided by the intelligence and law enforcement communities,” the White House noted. “An unclassified summary of that assessment was released in March so the public could see the key findings. It found that the two most lethal elements of today’s domestic terrorism threat are (1) racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists who advocate for the superiority of the white race and (2) anti-government or anti-authority violent extremists, such as militia violent extremists.”

1 comment on Biden Admin Unveils Strategy To Combat ‘Domestic Terrorism,’ Labels White Supremacy As ‘Lethal’ Threat

  1. Both French PM Macron and Russian leader Vladimir Putin have warned the current Administration in Washington that pursuing this “woke” agenda will have disastrous consequences for the USA. It seems that removing statues of American heroes was merely a prelude to eliminating European-American people from positions of power with the possible end goal to implement “Killing Fields” or gulags as a “final solution” to the Whitey Problem. These warnings from the White House per “white supremacy” sound ominously similar to the warnings by the African National Congress (ANC) to White farmers in South Africa with regard to the possible removal of Whites from the land they have farmed for generations in an alarming repeat of the murder and removal of White farmers from their farms in Zimbabwe.

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