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Old PCR has come up with an interesting explanation for why the Russians seem totally disinterested in their SMO (Slow Motion Operation, as others call it) in Ukraine. Basically Russia can’t be bothered with Ukraine because Russia knows that the WAR is going to be settled with nukes.

Well its true that the West can’t beat Russia conventionally, and its true that the West can’t beat China conventionally. So the only way for the West to beat Russian and / or China is with nukes or with something else of similar destructive capability that the West has up its sleeve. Many have been trying to fathom just what exactly the West has been up to for the last decade or 2. The West is committing suicide through various means. First is the business of sending all the industry, manufacturing and technology to China. Then its the Green Energy which ensures that the West can’t resume its industries, then its the whole LGBT, BLM, woke business which weakens the Western population. And of course while the Westerns proper are discouraged from procreating the West is being flooded by everyone from everywhere else. Then there is the Covid vaccines to kill more of its own population and the lack of effective military development over the last 2 decades while Russia has just been making advance after advance after advance on the tank, missile and nuke side of things, with a pittance of the money that the West has available for its military development. So the West is killing itself, purposely killing itself. But why would the West kill itself just so that the Russians and Chinese can take over? That doesn’t sound plausible.

The only explanation is that the West is depopulating and de-developing itself so that there will be a smaller more compliant population for the elites to manage effectively and ruthlessly, while at the same time having some plan to destroy Russian and China at the press of a button. Many are saying that this plan to destroy Russia and China is to be implemented soon.

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