Ben Bergquam: Word Is Out Around the World US Border Is Open – It’s a Spiritual Battle and the Left is Destroying this Country

by Jim Hoft

Ben Bergquam from Real America’s Voice joined Steve Bannon on Monday morning on The War Room.

Bergquam is reporting from the US border with Mexico near Yuma, Arizona. US border agents are preparing for a massive flood of illegals storming the border in May when Joe Biden lifts President Trump’s Title 42, a rule that restricted migrants from coming into the country under the auspices of a public health emergency during the COVID pandemic.

Border officials are expecting a flood of at least half a million migrants to storm the border when Title 42 is lifted.

Bergquam told Steve the “word is out” around the world that the US border is open. Expect millions more to cross illegally this fiscal year. Joe Biden and Democrats destroying the country.


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