As expected, the identity inquisition! How questioning ‘systemic racism’ ruined an academic’s career and got him branded a heretic

The ominous case of an American academic shows that anyone who dares to challenge the new race orthodoxy faces an inquisition. The aristocratization of black identity and devaluation of whiteness cannot be allowed to be stopped.

Academic freedom in the Anglo-American world is in deep trouble. As the case of Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Central Florida Charles Negy demonstrates, the prevailing consensus that “systemic racism” and “white privilege” dominates society is beyond discussion.

The minute that Negy called into question the narrative of systemic racism, he became a target of an angry mob of students and university administrators. Almost instantly, the hashtag #UCFfirehim was launched, a petition was circulated, and the Student Senate passed a resolution condemning Negy. Local cancel culture warriors got busy and organized protests on campus and in front of Negy’s home.

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