Are the powers-that-be preparing to cut Israel loose?

By Kit Knightly

For decades, Israel has been “one of the club”, a proud member of the “good-guy countries”. A handful of regimes protected by a bubble that makes them almost immune to criticism or consequence, whatever crimes and evils they might commit.

No matter how many ships they bombed or children they shot or open air prison camps they ran, the general tone of Western media was the same – Israel are good guys.

Now, there are signs that could change, that the next step in the Gaza narrative will be a heel-turn that makes Israel an official “bad guy”.

The hints have been there for a while, starting almost immediately following October 7th attack last year, and picking up pace in the last couple of weeks.

In fact the Israeli Prime Minister became the first non-African and non-Russian charged with war crimes by the ICC earlier this year.

Now let’s be quite clear here.  Netanyahu IS a war criminal. He is a blood-soaked tyrant, guilty of vast amounts of illicit slaughter.

But let’s remember that in the real world blood-soaked war criminals go unpunished – and indeed sometimes get awarded Nobel Peace Prizes – every day.  The ICC never moved against Bush or Blair or Obama or Brown or their cadre of war criminal subordinates.

Until recently “Bibi” was in that Teflon-coated club. He has been slaughtering innocents for years and years, while institutions and the legacy media happily ignored the fact. Now suddenly he’s not.




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