Are the Democrats Plotting a ‘Maidan Trap’ for Trump at ‘Peaceful’ Portland Protests?


Robert Bridge

A lawsuit put forward by the ACLU on behalf of aggrieved protesters described the situations as follows: “They are intentional acts by a lawless president, who has sent his paramilitary forces to shoot up the streets of Portland, choke downtown in a haze of toxic chemical fumes, and generate reelection soundbites – in blatant disdain of public safety, the rule of law, and the most fundamental principles of our Constitution.”

Now that is certainly rich considering it was the White House struggling to enforce the “rule of law” in an American city where rioters, looters and vandals have taken control of the streets. We already saw the results of such unbridled freedom in the Republican of CHAZ in downtown Seattle, which was forced to cancel its short-lived ‘summer of love’ due to an unfortunate climb in homicide rates, which tends to happen when mental health workers instead of police officers respond to emergency calls.

In light of all this unmitigated mayhem, certainly the mayor of Portland supports Trump’s offer of federal intervention. Think again. Not only did Mayor Ted Wheeler order his police to stand down against the rioters, he was actually in the very center of the mob that had gathered at the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse. Then there are the so-called ‘Wall of Moms,’ a group of ‘concerned mothers’ that suspiciously sprung to life just as Trump was warning he would be forced to intervene if local authorities failed to do their jobs.

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