‘Apocalyptic situation’ on Caribbean island – UN expert


Haiti has descended into “unprecedented” levels of violence and cruelty, a top human rights observer has claimed.

A top UN human rights expert has likened conditions in Haiti to the “worst of times” in Somalia, saying the Caribbean nation has descended into unprecedented violence and chaos since gangs took over much of the capital last month.

“I’m running out of words, frankly, at this point,” human rights observer William O’Neill told the UN Human Rights Council earlier this week. “It’s apocalyptic, it’s like the end of times.” He added that the capital, Port-au-Prince, is suffering “a level of intensity and cruelty in the violence that is simply unprecedented in my experience in Haiti.”


Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, an 1887 painting by Viktor Vasnetsov. From left to right are Death, Famine, War, and Conquest; the Lamb is at the top. (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

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