Apocalypse now! Ukraine conflict drives bunker sales in US, Europe

Texas-based company owner Ron Howard says he is making “millions of dollars in a week” as demand for bomb shelters spikes in many countries

Ron Hubbard has been in business for more than a decade. But never before has he made so much money as he is doing right now.


Three long-range cruise missiles are launched from a Russian submarine in the Black Sea on Saturday, striking targets near the Ukrainian border with Poland, following President Biden’s apparent declaration of regime change on Saturday (Credit: 7NEWS Melbourne, Twitter)


Hubbard’s products cost anything between $40,000 and $1 million. A standard bunker is three metres high and 12 metres long and costs about $200,000. It has all the bare essentials: a toilet, a sink, under-floor storage, food and water tanks. The air goes through a charcoal filter.

“People want a place that is underground, where they can hide their family, where they’re comfortable and safe. It’s a new trend in America,” Hubbard points out. “I am selling bunkers for millions of dollars every week. You might ask, what about ordinary people? Yes, it’s unfortunate, but the rich live better than the rest of us.”

The entrepreneur says that the whole world has been fearful of the nuclear threat lately. “When you turn on the news, you see North Korea talking about nuclear weapons. Russia is talking about nuclear weapons. China is talking about nuclear weapons,” the businessman says. “I’ve never seen people talk about it so much, and it’s scary.”

Poland, which shares a 232-km-long border, has also seen a growing demand for bunkers: more and more people have been calling up renovation and construction companies and asking about how to renovate, improve or turn their house basements into bunkers.


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