by | Aug 15, 2020

Any readers of American Partisan who are interested in understanding the evolution of ABR (Antifa-BLM-RevCom) tactics and strategy should make Andy Ngo’s Twitter feed a daily stop. Ngo is literally orders of magnitude better than any other internet or MSM reporter when it comes to finding and uploading the most important ABR video links. Nobody comes close. I don’t quite understand why even FOX News and OANN don’t use the material he uncovers. Perhaps “normie” Americans are just tired of seeing riot videos from Portland, Seattle and other cities after more than two months of unrest. Call it “riot fatigue,” perhaps.

But to quote the Russian Communist revolutionary strategist and civil war leader Leon Trotsky, “You may not be interested in (civil) war, but (civil) war is interested in you.” Therefore we students of civil war must rise above our riot fatigue to closely study the daily video clips for the lessons we may glean. “Portland is prologue,” to coin a new phrase.

Over the past week we have seen a shift in tactics by ABR, away from just attacking courthouses and police precincts, toward roving bands of violent vandals roaming downtown and suburban areas.

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