Another Israeli Minister calls to ethnically cleans Gaza

X [Keith Woods]

Gila Gamliel, the Minister of Intelligence of Israel, has written a piece in the Jerusalem post arguing for the ethnic cleansing of Gaza. Gamliel dismissed the suggestion that the Palestinian authority could govern Gaza, instead calling on the International Community to resettle the 2.2 million Palestinians in Gaza: “Some world leaders are already discussing a worldwide refugee resettlement scheme and saying they would welcome Gazans to their countries…This could be supported by many nations around the world, especially those that claim to be friends of the Palestinians.” This comes after two Israeli government members, including the former head of Mossad, wrote an op-ed last week urging the West to resettle the people of Gaza as refugees. ISRAEL IS LEVELLING GAZA SO THE PEOPLE HAVE NOWHERE TO RETURN TO. THEY WANT TO ETHNICALLY CLEANSE GAZA AND SEND MILLIONS OF REFUGEES TO THE WEST!


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