America’s Frontline Doctors’ website removed after viral video censored

John C. A. Manley

As Global Research reported, America’s Frontline Doctors held a press conference on Capitol Hill on Monday. Over 17 million people watched the video (above) before YouTube, Twitter and Facebook gave it the “misinformation” stamp of disapproval and deleted it.

Yet another censored video (questioning the official COVID 19 narrative). No big surprise… But then I tried to visit the organization’s website and was met with the following message: “Website expired.”

Their site is (was) hosted by SquareSpace. I have not yet found any explanation for the take-down. The hosting companies Acceptable Use Policy seems pretty reasonable. Nonetheless, point 3.1 is wide open for any sort of censorship, forbidding:

“Anything that’s false, fraudulent, inaccurate or deceiving.”

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