After Capitol Hill riots, children rat out their right-wing parents to the media

With authorities tracking down the Trump supporters who barged into the US Capitol, teenagers have eagerly turned in their own family members who took part in the riot, and the media has encouraged the Stasi-style snitching.

Days after President Donald Trump’s supporters forced their way into the US Capitol and ran riot throughout the building, police and prosecutors are working to identify and track down members of the mob. DC police have already arrested at least 80 people, and Washington DC Attorney General Karl Racine told ABC News on Friday that his office would scour the internet for leads and ask the public to send in tips.

Comment from RT reader:

“Once upon a time there lived a boy in Soviet Union and he was called Pavlik Morozov. Nothing new here, just history repeats itself. And the repressions and Gulag will follow as well, I reckon.”

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