ABC panel compares Trump’s departure to end of NAZI regime, Civil War and apartheid… and excuses Biden from action


Panelists on ABC struggled to one-up each other in over-the-top comparisons between the end of Trump’s presidency and the downfalls of infamous totalitarian regimes, pushing the usual Trump-as-Hitler comparisons to the limit.


Other countries have gone through this before – Germany, Japan, South Africa,” Republican political strategist Matthew Dowd insisted during Sunday’s ‘This Week’ program. “Before you get to reconciliation and healing, you have to have some element of truth and accountability-ness [sic].”

Perhaps realizing that comparing Trump’s departure from the White House under the shadow of a second impeachment to Hitler’s bunker suicide following the Nazi defeat, the post-WW2 Allied occupation of Japan amid the fallout from nuclear bombs, or South Africa after the fall of apartheid was over the top even for ABC, Dowd pulled back. The post-Trump era could instead be more like the aftermath of the Civil War, he warned.

[Just look to South Africa to see where this leads for White people.]

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