America’s neocon citizens with Ukrainian roots are currently trying to push Ukraine into a Spring offensive everyone knows will be a massacre just to cover their own asses, so they will have an excuse to cut and run in time for the coming Presidential election. Given the disgraceful alliance between a Federal regime risking nuclear war with no proper authority from the American people and what used to be a press, which is now little more than the government’s collaborator in suppressing the facts of what is happening, the American people have NO IDEA what is going on in their name.

The current Congress is still as indifferent to the Executive Branch’s infringement of its “War Powers” authority as it is to its key responsibility in enacting budgetary legislation. Both political parties  are all too willing to leave their Legislative responsibilities to the Administrative state and concentrate on what is really important: fundraising.  The American people are being lulled with the lie they are “supporting a plucky little Ukrainian democracy against a totalitarian invasion by evil Russians bent on conquest” while their elected Congress stands in the aisles and cheers a “Churchillian” Zelensky, dictator of the most corrupt state in Europe who is stealing their money.




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