A post-modern euphemism for book-burning? NPR faces backlash after urging white Americans to ‘decolonize’ their bookshelves



An NPR article encourages white Americans to rethink what they read as a method of transcending their (alleged) racial prejudices. But the recommendation has been labeled as anti-intellectual and even dangerous.

“Your bookshelf may be part of the problem,” NPR warned on Saturday. The article chided white Americans for purportedly ignoring literature written by racial minorities, and therefore failing to understand “issues of racism and prejudice toward the disenfranchised.”

A staffer for Texas Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw argued that the concept was a euphemism for book burning.

Columnist Amy Alkon called the whole idea “racist,” and wondered why skin color should play any role in deciding what to read – or what is true.

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