Why were Eritrean factions fighting on the streets of Israel’s Tel Aviv?


PM Netanyahu says he wants African ‘infiltrators’ out of Israel after Sunday’s fighting in Tel Aviv.

The Israeli prime minister swiftly condemned the incident and thanked police officers for cracking down on the crowds.

He convened a special ministerial team on Sunday to evaluate ways to handle “illegal infiltrators” who violate the law and constitute a threat to the “future of Israel as a Jewish and a democratic state”.

The premier told the meeting his plan to build a fence on the country’s border with Egypt a decade ago to stop the flow of African refugees had worked, and he slammed the Supreme Court for blocking a number of his other proposals to force out asylum seekers who managed to enter before the fence was erected.

As he praised a decision to ignore a United Nations plan that would give 16,000 asylum seekers citizenship, he said Sunday’s events “crossed a red line” and announced his intention to expel all African migrants.



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