Who are all these thousands of unvetted Venezuelan migrants marching into Eagle Pass?

By Monica Showalter American Thinker

Lonely Planet warned indeed about not going to the Caracas slums, but odds are, these are the Caracas slums — coming to us, bringing Chavista values and all the socialism that flows from it.

Hugo Chavez always dreamed of conquering America and occasionally said he would even camp out at the U.S. border with illegals to achieve it. Chavez’s closest Colombian ally, Gustavo Petro, a former M-19 guerrilla who is currently president of Colombia, summed up the migrant surge as an conquering invasion against white privilege at the United Nations this week, as if it was part of a plan.

These migrants have been steeped in hate-America sentiment from the day they were born, so it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that America is a conquest to them as they march on in.




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