White House Rejects President’s Foreign Policy

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U.S. President Joe Biden apparently pursues different foreign policies than the White House.

Biden Struggles to Stick to the Script on Taiwan

November 17 2021: Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, and three times is habit—or so the saying goes.
Amid escalating tensions with China, U.S. President Joe Biden has misspoken about U.S. policy toward the self-governed island of Taiwan at least four times since August, fueling speculation as to whether the president is subtly trying to signal an evolving U.S. policy toward Taiwan or just fumbling the details.

May 23 2022:

US would defend Taiwan if attacked by China, says Joe Biden
Joe Biden has said the US would intervene militarily to defend Taiwan if it came under attack from China – a statement that is likely to enrage Beijing as concern grows over Chinese military activity in the region.

Speaking in Tokyo on the second day of his visit to Japan, Biden said the US’s responsibility to protect the self-ruled island – which China considers a renegade province – was “even stronger” after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, in one of the most forceful statements in support of Taiwan in decades.

Amichai Stein @AmichaiStein1 – 6:32 UTC · May 23, 2022
White House official: Biden’s statement that the US would get involved militarily to defend Taiwan is NOT a departure from long-standing US policy of strategic ambiguity

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Amichai Stein @AmichaiStein1 – 6:01 UTC · May 23, 2022
#BREAKING: President Biden says would be willing to get involved militarily to defend Taiwan from China aggression.

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