While you were watching Israel…

By Kit Knightly

Just like Ukraine, the latest war is perfect camouflage for the Great Reset.

“We need a new approach to digital identity”, so say the authors of an “Agenda Article” for the World Economic Forum, published on the 28th of September.

Digital ID has been in the news a lot lately, obscured for the past week in the mist of the Israel-Hamas situation.

Last month the United Nation Developments Programme published its legal guidelines for digital IDs as well as “mobilizing” global leadership with a $400mn fund to “empower” digital identity programmes in over 100 countries.


Meanwhile, also in Australia, the world’s 21st largest bank is changing its terms and conditions to allow it to “de-bank” customers.

The National Australian Bank’s “revised” terms and conditions go into force on November 1st and include, in clause 11: “NAB may close your account at any time at its discretion”.

The reasons NAB would consider enforcing clause 11 make for interesting reading [emphasis added]:

NAB can take a range of things into account when exercising its rights and discretions. These can include:
(e) NAB’s public statements, including those relating to protecting vulnerable persons, the environment or sustainability;
(f) community expectations and any impact on NAB’s reputation;

So – as of November 1st – NAB reserves the right to de-bank you if you get cancelled, or say something they don’t approve of about climate change or “vulnerable people”.



Reader comments worth noting:

George Mc
 Oct 15, 2023 12:18 PM

WIRED magazine gets flustered:

“The Israel-Hamas War Is Drowning X in Disinformation

People who have turned to X for breaking news about the Israel-Hamas conflict are being hit with old videos, fake photos, and video game footage at a level researchers have never seen.”

The Great Unquestionable is stated from the outset:

“In the wake of Hamas’ deadly attacks on Israel this weekend —and the Israeli military’s response— …….”

Followed by

“….journalists, researchers, open source intelligence (OSINT) experts, and fact-checkers rushed to verify the deluge of raw video footage and images being shared online by people on the ground.”

Get the experts in!

And the scary stuff:

“But users of X (formerly Twitter) seeking information on the conflict faced a flood of disinformation.

While all major world events are now accompanied almost instantly by a deluge of disinformation aimed at controlling the narrative, the scale and speed at which disinformation was being seeded about the Israel-Hamas conflict is unprecedented—particularly on X.”

The punters aren’t behaving themselves!:

“Rather than being shown verified and fact-checked information, X users were presented with video game footage passed off as footage of a Hamas attack and images of firework celebrations in Algeria presented as Israeli strikes on Hamas. There were faked pictures of soccer superstar Ronaldo holding the Palestinian flag, while a three-year-old video from the Syrian civil war repurposed to look like it was taken this weekend.”

And the straw man examples are inevitably followed by the “anti-Semitic” formula. And then Musk, as designated “bad guy” plays his part:

“Elon Musk’s changes to the platform work entirely to the benefit of terrorists and war propagandists,”

The Great Unquestionable at the end too!

George Mc
 Oct 15, 2023 7:30 AM

A perusal of Sky News gives the impression yet again that all Western News is Israel News issued directly from the IDF.

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