What NO ONE is saying about Tucker Carlson’s Putin Interview

By Kit Knightly

Tucker Carlson was the most watched current events program on US television before he was apparently fired by Fox News last year.

Since then, and with all the hero-kudos of being exiled by the establishment,  he has been live-streaming his shows on X/Twitter instead, and every single one of them gets more views than CNN or MSNBC or his old show on Fox…Combined.

Interesting, no.

The fact is, legacy media is dying. Which is a good thing. But do you think the establishment doesn’t see this? Do you think it hadn’t occurred to them to get out in front of it by seizing control of the new media platforms and planting “leaders” in supposedly independent media movements?

As we keep having to remind our readers  lately the people and institutions that run the world are not wed to any single platform, method, nation or flag.

Or media.

They bought up all the newspapers because they were useful, they “syndicated” all the television networks because that’s what people were watching…

so now as legacy media dies –  what do you think they’re gonna do?

Like a hermit crab swapping out shells – they will simply slide themselves from their old home to a nice shiny new  “indy” one.

Goodbye old fashioned corporate CNN, hello honestly completely organic guerilla news reporting livestreaming on X and getting totally accidentally promoted by the algorithm.




Reader comment:

Jerry Alatalo
Feb 10, 2024 1:27 PM

While it was encouraging to see the Russian president and American journalist engage in reasonable, sane discussion while not trying to kill each other, it was disappointing to observe the (deadly serious) topics which were not discussed. Off Guardian readers will likely have other topics to add, of which they were equally disappointed President Putin and Tucker Carlson – whether intentionally omitted by Carlson, omitted by Putin, or agreed to omit by both – but here are a few omissions which might generate commentary here and now:

1.) The discovery by Russian military of biological weapons laboratories inside Ukraine, culminating in highly controversial public presentations of findings in those laboratories by Russia’s top commanders in the area of chemical and biological weapons. It’s worth noting that Russia’s top general in charge of biological warfare mentioned/credited the work of Ms. Karen Kingston in one of his major presentations regarding Ukraine biowarfare laboratories

2.) Putin and Carlson did not discuss the controversial topic of assigning blame for COVID-19 pandemic, where Americans blame the Chinese, the Chinese put up seemingly zero pushback while their country is accused of premeditated mass murder, while others theorize coronavirus clones were spread in locations around the planet to create the illusion of a pandemic, all the while the injecting of mRNA bioweapons (Kingston) into the arms of as many people as possible was the #1 objective. The theory that China, Iran and other nations were the targets of covert biological warfare was never broached in 2 hours.

3.) The names Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, James Giordano (“The Brain is the Future Battlefield”), Donald “Operation WarpSpeed” Trump, Joseph “We are losing patience with anti-vaxxers!” Biden, Michael Yeadon, Sucharit Bhakdi, Tess Lawrie, Reiner Fuellmich, Brook Jackson (Pfizer vaccine trials fraud), Jonathan Couey (coronavirus clones), the late German pathologist Arne Burkhardt and other mRNA bioweapons/transhumanism dissidents were never spoken, across 2 hours.

4.) Russian President Vladimir Putin and interviewer Tucker Carlson, for unexplained reasons, never discussed the explosive information/evidence contained/outlined in the 82-page legal document “COVID-19 Grand Jury Petition”, the document’s prime message being the initiation of court actions worldwide to hold accountable those guilty of crimes against humanity committed during the so-called “COVID Era” – horrific crimes which continue to this day. See, read, download and share widely: Covid-19 Grand Jury Petition – National ARM

But then again, why would Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin have any interest whatsoever in discussing, arguably, the greatest global premeditated mass murder crime story in world history?


Good night and good luck.


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