“We Were Wrong When We Said Mayorkas Had Abolished ICE. He Wasn’t Finished Yet”

Ira Mehlman

In total, the three memos issued by Mayorkas in the space of a month make it clear who ICE may target for enforcement – virtually no one – and where they may be targeted – virtually nowhere. Plainly and simply, the secretary’s actions are designed to end the enforcement of all immigration laws – an ideological goal he has long championed, and one in which President Joe Biden, who allows him to serve, is complicit.

We would say that with the issuances of this third memo, Mayorkas’ goal of abolishing ICE and subverting the constitutionally enacted immigration laws he swore to uphold is complete. But we don’t like to make the same mistake twice, so we’ll just wait and see what else he might have up his sleeve.


Ira Mehlman is media director at the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in Washington D.C.

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