Washington’s NATO promise to Kiev is prelude to ‘nuclear apocalypse’ – Musk


Ukraine joining the bloc is like the start of a movie about end of the world, the billionaire has said.

A pledge by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken that Ukraine will become a member of NATO looks like a scene from a movie about a nuclear apocalypse, entrepreneur Elon Musk believes.

The top US diplomat reiterated the “rock solid” determination of his country and other members to eventually include Ukraine in the military bloc at a NATO summit in Brussels this week. Speaking alongside Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, he said the purpose of the event was to “help build a bridge to membership.”

“This is literally how the nuclear apocalypse movie starts,” Musk responded on X (formerly Twitter). He shared a video from the 1983 American television film ‘The Day After’, which depicts a fictional nuclear war between the US and the USSR. The movie was shown to Soviet audiences in 1987, when the two superpowers were negotiating a key nuclear arms control treaty.


Nuclear mushroom cloud

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