VIDEOS show Antifa attacking bus, cornering right-wing protesters as Portland rally turns violent

Footage has emerged of several violent attacks by Antifa on right-wing demonstrators in Portland, Oregon. The clashes come as President Donald Trump threatened to designate the left-wing movement as an “organization of terror.”

Scuffles broke out in Portland after left-wing counter-protesters gathered in large numbers on Saturday for a rally of the right-wing Proud Boys, which Antifa consider neo-fascists.

Elijah Schaffer S.O.


🚨 BREAKING 🚨 Antifa has major CLASH with Proud Boys on Portland bridge in traffic

A serious assault took place on PB’s after they busted the door of the bus, they also threw a metal hammer at them.

I also got pepper sprayed in the face with many others. Sorry for language

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Videos showed masked protesters attacking two buses that were carrying right-wing demonstrators. One skirmish saw “anti-fascists” smashing a door and throwing a hammer into one of the buses, before chasing the vehicle and hurling rocks. A hooded man could also be seen using pepper spray inside the bus.

Another disturbing attack shows a young girl and a man sporting a Spartan helmet and white T-shirt emblazoned with the words “I hate the left and racism” being cornered by a crowd of left-wing demonstrators after getting separated from the right-wing rally. A video shows the pair being surrounded, doused with water, and chased while a crowd chanted “Walk away.”

Elijah Schaffer S.O.


🚨 BREKAING 🚨 ANTIFA chases conservative protestors through Portland streets

They sprayed pepper spray, assaulted multiple victims including a young girl, tasered a teenager

Riot police on the scene, protestors on the ground cheered cops to jump off and kill themselves

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Another set of videos showed a middle-aged man lying motionless on the ground with a woman kneeling beside him. The woman appears to be shielding the man while trading insults with left-wing activists, who call her a “crazy b**ch.”