UN women’s rights agency tweet depicts motherhood as a ‘penalty’ – at CHRISTMAS

Unless those in charge have lost their marbles, it seems the Christmas break at UN Women started a little early thanks to an entirely avoidable row about, of all things at this time of year, motherhood.

As the 1.3 billiion Catholics all over the world reflect on the miracle a lowly young girl giving birth to the Savior just over 2,000 years ago, UN Women, ironically in charge of gender equality and female empowerment, tweet out a message detailing the disadvantages of motherhood as some sort of political point.

In a message of the kind usually sighted on the office feminist’s coffee mug in the communal kitchen, the note lists the penalties of motherhood, as if those women with children needed any reminding. So there’s “more unpaid care and domestic work,” which usually goes by the term of ‘parenting’ but hey, it’s Christmas, so we’ll accept the cracker-level joke.

Next on the list is “irregular work,” then “reduced employment” (see irregular work). Again, these are the compromises that millions of people around the world make in order to raise their children. The choices are, either don’t have kids (which is a non-argument), or pay for childcare, which in most cases makes the whole point of working irrelevant as the money earned is simply paid out to the carer.

The essence of this argument is one of priorities, which is up to the individual to decide, not the welfare state or employers looking for a stable and reliable workforce.