Ukrainian Military Attempts to Assassinate Zelensky

Posted May 7, 2024 By Martin Armstrong

As I have warned, Zelensky is seen as a puppet of the West, and they are starting to realize that he is destroying all of Ukraine on orders from the American Neocons. I have been warning that any assassination of Zelensky will come from within. Ukraine has reached the same realization where there was an attempt to assassinate Hitler to save Germany.

Here, on our May 7th ECM target date, two Ukrainian colonels were arrested involving an internal attempt to assassinate Zelensky, who is widely seen as a traitor to his own people. When the last Ukrainian falls, he will be on a plane to Miami to live tax-free under the protection of the American Neocons.

Sun Tzu


Good followup article:

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has dismissed Major General Sergey Rud as the head of the state guard service, according to the presidential website.

The move comes after two officers of the agency, tasked with protecting government bodies and senior officials, were detained over an alleged plot to assassinate the Ukrainian leader.

“Dismiss Sergey Rud from the post of head of the State Security Administration of Ukraine,” a decree by Zelensky, published on his website on Thursday, read. The reasons for the sacking of the guard chief, who had held the role since 2019, have not been


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