Ukrainian Elite Fighters Discuss Deposing Zelensky in Leaked Chats: “Let’s Demolish This Green Rat!”


Apparently, discontent seems to be brewing among elite units.

A Russian Intelligence source leaked to local media contents of a chat containing open discussions of ousting President Volodymyr Zelensky and reinstating General Zaluzhny.


Commander of the reconnaissance group of Ukraine’s 80th Separate Air Assault Brigade, Maxim Shevtsov, call sign ‘Winter’:

“’If people don’t come to the defense of Zaluzhny, if the military doesn’t come to the defense of Zaluzhny, then this rat [Zelensky] will torpedo everyone… Let’s demolish this green rat and install Zaluzhny! In fact, it’s Zelensky who needs to be changed, not Zaluzhny. This rat feels that he has a zero rating, and Zaluzhny has a higher rating, and [this is why Zelensky] is trying to torpedo him’ a voice message from Shevtsov says.”

Just so that there’s no doubt about the size of the problem for Zelensky: most recent poll show Valery Zaluzhny would secure 41.4% of the vote, easily surpassing Volodymyr Zelensky’s 23.7%.