Ukraine Weekly Update

18th August 2023

AUG 18, 2023
Onion Domes and helicoptors.

Last week was pregnant with the possibility of a Russian breakthrough at Kupyansk and a new conflagration in West Africa. The former remains imminent while the latter, hopefully, will never happen. We will see. Everything on the battlefronts continues in the same way it did last week but the pressure on the Ukrainian army is increasing daily as its forces become stretched. In the US, it appears that someone thought Donald J’s cross didn’t have enough nails in it so the Democrats have hammered another one in with a record fourth indictment. I would estimate that if found guilty on all charges Trump would serve about five hundred years in jail.

There are signs that the German political establishment is getting very nervous that its days could be numbered – so nervous that some have called for the banning of the growing populist AfD party

When German politicians ban free speech, take aways liberties, propagandize the people to death, promote wars and then consider banning political parties, have they not stepped back in time? Have they forgotten what happened there in the 1930s?


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