Ukraine Weekly Update

Nov 10, 2023

This week has seen the effects of the middle east conflict spread around the world as protests erupt and countries begin to take sides. The risk of escalation grows along with the number of civilian casualties in Gaza. Here, innocent people, including children, continue to be murdered as part of a policy of collective punishment. Hamas dared to attack Israel, therefore, Palestinian children must pay the price. There are no innocent Palestinians, one Israeli official said, in an effort to dehumanise the enemy (see below). The response by many Westerners has been to excuse this murderous slaughter as if it is somehow justified or unavoidable. But other Westerners have demonstrated their humanity in condemning the killings. Yet their institutions – such as the UN – are not capable of an equitable and humane response, revealing their total subservience to the US and highlighting the need to create new and workable institutions as part of a Multi-Polar World Order.

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