Ukraine – The West’s Response As It Meets With Reality

Last but not least let me point you to a fine essay by Aurelian about the future of the ‘west’ as the new reality sets in.

The Hinges of History Creak.
The future will develop not necessarily to the West’s advantage

However, western nations continue to act as though they were economically and militarily superior, and to try to coerce nations on which they are economically dependent, as well as fighting a proxy war against a nation which has more combat capability in Europe than they have.

In this sense, Ukraine is a test to destruction of both NATO and the EU, and the wider, western-dominated multilateral system they are both part of. NATO, in particular, has just been confronted by exactly the kind of situation that its founders expected—the exercise of Russian military power—and it did effectively nothing. No amount of hand-waving, no amount of sanctions or arms deliveries, can change that fact, which in turn changes everything. NATO and the EU can prolong the war, cause more suffering, and destroy many economies, including their own. But they can’t fundamentally affect the result, and the nature of their responses, beneath the surface posturing, demonstrates that they know this.

There is another new normal now: a Europe in which Russia is the largest military power, and where the West as a whole is dependent on Russia, China and India for its economic prosperity. This is not new, of course, but it’s a shame that nobody noticed it before.

And the reason for that is that the ‘west’ in its arrogance has for far too long listened to fake ‘experts’ like those at the CSIS.


Reader comment:

Ukraine is not a tragedy. It passed through that stage long ago. Ukraine is a comedy. It has a clown President and a vaudeville show in Kiev/Lviv. It’s theme is Nazism. It’s leitmotif is Russophobia.

Each city, the major ones, has junior mafiosi running the shows, entrenched in corruption, selling off weapons as soon as they arrive, grain shipped away while millions don’t get a loaf from the harvest, and teroborona armed with guns turning every citizen into a target of internal enforcement of their loyalty.

It’s all packaged and produced by buffoons like Johnson of UK and Blinken-Biden-Austin of USA.

Tell me it’s not a comedy.

Blood, rape and mayhem, war crimes and inhumanity are ignored by the West, except in feeble attempts to cast blame for those evils on Russia.

It’s travesty gone psycho. The bitter fruit of the degeneracy of the West, the end of a civilization.

Russia is just the cleaner doing a dirty job that humanity needs done.

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