Ukraine responds to Wagner mutiny in Russia with caution, hope


Kyiv, Ukraine — Ukraine’s top military expert has said that Kyiv has to make a “strategic, principal decision” on how to benefit from the unfolding turmoil in Russia.

One such move could be an order to invade western Russia to bypass massive defence installations on the 1,000-kilometre-long (620-mile-long) front line in eastern and southern Ukraine, according to Lieutenant General Ihor Romanenko.

“Those who make unorthodox decisions and implement them will succeed,” the former deputy chief of Ukraine’s general staff of armed forces told Al Jazeera, adding that it was time to strike Russian forces in the back.

Such a plan looked like a “fairy tale” just a day ago, but the panic and disarray in Russia as troops of the Wagner private military contractor march on Moscow may provide Kyiv with a perfect opportunity to deliver the least expected blow, he said.


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