Ugly Airship Doomed to Crash: The Presidential Campaign of Elizabeth Warren

trange Things are happening once again in the ruling circles of the Democratic Party of the United States: The party’s Wise Women (and a couple of Token Men) have decided that Senator Elizabeth Warren, a longtime Republican who supported Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders in 2016, will be the next president of the United States.

The US Deep State would be delighted to have Warren and she has already been Blessed and Sanctified by them through the Secular Confirmation of being featured with a fawning cover story profile in “Time” magazine.

However, Warren eerily resembles an ugly, obsolete state-built and miserably designed British airship from 90 years ago: The R101.

The R101 was built to demonstrate the superiority of State Socialism in Britain. It looked ugly. It had enormous gas bags. It flew like the deadweight white elephant it was and it had pathetically underpowered and badly designed engines. All the Progressive Good and Great of Britain’s Labour Party government of the day came on board to celebrate the maiden flight all the way to India.

But the R101 couldn’t even get from London to Paris: It crashed into a low hill in France killing 48 people on board.

Like the R101, Warren and her campaign are badly designed and expend enormous amounts of hot air. Warren presents an ugly personality (insofar as she has one at all) and is utterly inept.