U.S. Charges against Assange. I Don’t Want to Hear Any More About the “Free World.” There Is None: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

To see the encroaching totalitarianism in the Western World, observe that in the 1970s the case against Ellsberg was thrown out of court, but in the 21st century with a case so weak as to be nonexistent, Washington has managed to corrupt the British High Court to turn over Assange to Washington, not for legal reasons, but for vengeance.

This is persecution, not legitimate prosecution. Add to this Australian concentration camps for citizen suspected of having been exposed to Covid, imprisonment of unvaccinated citizens in Austria and Germany, job- and GDP-destroying lockdowns, restrictions on freedom of association and freedom of movement, silencing of scientific experts who disprove the official false Covid narrative. You can add to this list.


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