Truth vs. New$ Part 1 (17 July 2022) with Don Grahn, Scott Bennett, and David Kenney

by Jim Fetzer

Iran sharing drones with Russia may be largely symbolic, but what it symbolizes is not good for the West and its attempt to maintain control over the politics and economics of the world. The sanctions on Russia are backfiring massively, and all the weapons in the world are not going to save Ukraine. The larger question is the extent to which the West and especially the US are going to place their own societies in jeopardy, which may yet yield a nuclear war that will bring about 90,000,000 casualties in the first hour or two. No one in Washington seems to care. It has reached the point that some cities are even putting out public announcements of what to do in the case of a nuclear attack: Go Inside; Shower; Listen for more instructions. But the buildings may have been evaporated; the water will not be flowing; and no communications–radio, TV, internet, or cell–are going to be functioning. Meanwhile, having gone out of his way to destroy our energy independence, the Biden admin is draining our Strategic Petroleum Reserve with the result that millions of barrels of our oil is going to China, which may have been the plan all along. And, have no doubt, the Democrats are going to go all out to steal the 2022 midterms by either nuclear war with Russia (imposing martial law and requiring voting by mail) or introduce another pandemic (to impose lockdowns and requiring voting by mail), where the latter seems more likely than the former. But one way or another, they are going to do their best to retain the power they are abusing at immense cost to the nation.


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