Trump’s show trial is just the next step in a very American coup

As Biden consolidates his power, the war on populism becomes a fully fledged assault on reality itself.

Kit Knightly

Donald Trump was never what so many millions of Americans clearly believed him to be – he was never going to destroy the system from the inside and restore the America-that-was. He was never going to drain the swamp. But millions of people thought he could, and should, and would. And that’s a very dangerous idea.

That is millions of people realising the system is broken and attempting to do something about it.

In headlines and academic institutions and enlightened twitter circles they call it “populism”. Which is to say, the radical idea that the writhing mass of useless eaters possesses even the slightest capacity to understand their situation at all, or should have any say in what is done about it.

That idea needs to be squashed. And the best way to do that is to demonstrate to people just how little power they have.

And the best way to do that, is to force people to live in a reality you make up as you go along. Make the rules, break the rules, change the rules. Tie people in knots until they can believe totally contradictory ideas. It is the ultimate display of power and control.

Masks don’t do anything. Oh, actually they do. And you should wear one. Or two. Or three. Unless you’re a “person of colour”, then you don’t have to wear one at all, because it’s racist.

The “deadly virus” will spread if we gather in large groups. People protesting the lockdowns are selfish idiots who spread diseases, BUT black lives matter protests are different because they’re so important they won’t spread viruses.

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