Time To Call The Invasion Treason

Americans For Legal Immigration (ALIPAC.us) is issuing new advice to activists, candidates, lawmakers, and their staff who want America’s borders secured and the nation-destroying criminal migrant invasion reversed…

Start accurately calling it what it truly is… TREASON.


Fighting age Invaders at Eagle Pass, Texas welcomed by Border Patrol.

ALIPAC previously helped Americans understand that this is not migration but is an invasion expressly prohibited by the US Constitution and numerous existing federal laws being conducted by foreign nations, the United Nations, power groups, billionaires, and traitors within our own government. The term “invasion” is now being used coast to coast, and Texas has officially declared a state of invasion.

Our immigration laws are not broken,” said William Gheen, spokesman and founder of ALIPAC. “Our borders and immigration laws have been sabotaged and go unenforced by elected officials and bureaucrats who have been compromised by enemies of the US Constitution. As such, they have violated their oaths of office and should be considered traitors guilty of Treason against The United States.

Illegal immigration supporters, including Mayorkis, Biden, and Harris, meet all three definitions of Treason…

treason /trē′zən/


  1. The betrayal of allegiance toward one’s own country, especially by committing hostile acts against it or aiding its enemies in committing such acts.
  2. The betrayal of someone’s trust or confidence.
  3. The offense of attempting to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance, or of betraying the state into the hands of a foreign power; disloyalty; treachery.

ALIPAC supports the Impeachment and removal of both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and Congress, assuming direct oversight and control of all federal agencies (As the Constitution Allows) currently operating outside of the laws and Constitution that traitors against the American public have weaponized.

Congress must use Impeachment, funding cuts, and direct oversight and control to stop the FBI, IRS, DOJ, DHS, and other federal agencies from continuing to operate outside of our laws and Constitution to the detriment and abuse of citizens.

ALIPAC is openly raising support for Treason charges against anyone supporting and facilitating the costly and deadly illegal immigration invasion and overthrow of America.

Those responsible for sabotaging America’s defenses and conducting 4th and 5th generation warfare against US Citizens on American soil must be held accountable.

Time To Call It Treason!

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