The Unvaccinated: An Inconvenient Control Group in a Sinister Social Experiment

By William Sullivan

Back when the experts didn’t know if the new vaccines would even be “effective at preventing symptomatic COVID-19 infections,” the government, media, corporations, and public health intelligentsia still relentlessly pushed the stuff on Americans while proclaiming that they were 90-percent effective, and Dr. Anthony Fauci openly presumed that we’d “really need for 75-to-85-percent of the population to get vaccinated to achieve herd immunity.”

All of that information can be found in a single article from December of 2020.  Today, we’ve hit Dr. Fauci’s once-supposed sweet spot for vaccination rates (among adults, at least), thanks to a propaganda campaign that neglected to publicize any potential risks while promoting benefits that have proven to be impossible to attain.

There was never any proven evidence that the vaccines were effective in staving off COVID infections.  Yet we now know what was unknown then, even as they pushed for four-in-five Americans to become vaccinated, and that is that the vaccines are not at all effective at preventing symptomatic COVID-19 infections.

That’s right.  Get the vaccine, or don’t get the vaccine, and you can still get symptomatic infections while presenting the risk of infection to others.

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