The Inevitable End of a Ruling Elite

By Max Morton

April 29, 2020

The ruling elite appear comfortable delivering the command “Submit” to traditional America, and are not concerned with the consequences that will follow.

As America prepares to depart its first stop—Afghanistan—in the forever war on terror, and shifts its focus onto the domestic political opposition, there has been much dishonest talk equating the ideology of conservative Americans with foreign terror groups, such as al-Qaida and ISIS. Such talk is opportunistic fear-mongering from the worst of Washington’s nomenklatura. Conservative and independent thought in America is not an extremist terrorist ideology, and to even hint at it is a bold lie and a sign of nefarious intent on the part of the ruling elites and their backers in the national security apparatus.

Though America failed to win in any of its global war on terrorism franchise fights, there are some lessons from these failures that the Washington establishment should consider before they roll the GWOT to the domestic front. These lessons are in the area of human behavior. War, or for that matter any sustained armed conflict, creates its own human behavioral ecosystem. All parties suffer the damage wrought by armed conflict in their moral, social, and behavioral norms.

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