The Great Demographic Replacement

Dismissed by some as a conspiracy theory, the invasion of Europe, Canada and the United States of America is real:

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: 1,500 Migrants Cross into Texas Border Town in 6 Hours

Stunning Videos From Mexico of Open Train Cars Taking Hordes of Migrants to Biden’s Open US Border

EU chief promises ‘action plan’ as Italy sees surge of asylum seekers

Below infra-red video shows invaders crossing from Mexico into Sasebe, Arizona.

Germany refuses to take any more EU (sic) migrants as boats forced to queue in Italian docks

Germany will stop accepting migrants from Italy under an EU resettlement
plan in a major blow to European unity amid rising numbers of arrivals
across the Mediterranean.

Berlin’s refusal sets up a stand-off after Italy backed out of a deal to
take back migrants who initially landed on their coast.

“Given the currently high migratory pressure on Germany, the ongoing
suspension of Dublin transfers by some member states, including Italy,
reinforces the major challenges Germany is currently facing in terms of
its reception and accommodation capacity,” the German interior ministry

The development came as boatloads of asylum seekers on Wednesday queued up
to land on the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa, the gateway to Europe.

Massachusetts National Guard deployed to assist with spiraling migrant crisis

“Many of these families are migrants to Massachusetts, drawn here because
we are and proudly have been a beacon to those in need,” she wrote in a
letter to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

She also blamed “a confusing tangle of immigration laws, an inability for
migrants to obtain work authorization from the federal government, an
increase in the number of people coming to Massachusetts, and the lack of
an affordable housing supply in our state.”

Healey called for Mayorkas to press Congress and use executive action to
remove barriers for work permits for migrants, “address our outdated and
punitive immigration laws” and to provide additional financial assistance
to the state.

[Democratic governors and mayors are in lock step to remove all obstacles to illegal aliens that prevent them from replacing American citizens in housing and the job market.  What better time than football season to flood our nation with economic “migrants” while white male Americans are glued to college football and the NFL. Don’t assume for a minute that American citizens won’t be taxed to death in order to “provide additional financial assistance” to their replacements arriving from failed states around the world. Before the end of the century, the USA will be like Bangla-Desh — overcrowded, dirty, and living under some kind of economic apartheid scheme that allows the very rich to live in enclaves like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Barrack Hussein Obama, Jeff Bezos and Larry Ellison enjoy in Hawaii while virtually everyone else will live in tents on the streets.]


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