The Financial Jigsaw – Issue No. 95

In March 2013 the Cyprus bank crisis turned out to be a test run for the ‘Bail-in’ process to protect banks during a future bank run. It had been modelled earlier. My book starts with the Cyprus event.  This time we have Event 201 in October 2019 and a release of the exact same postulated virus in November 2019 – coincidence? I think not.

We know that the central banks know that the global economy was due to crash – all they needed was cover – follow the money.  The WHO was resisting calling a ‘pandemic’ – I wonder why?  Is it because there are a great deal of the World Bank’s ‘pandemic’ bonds due July resting on it? – Follow the money:

DON’T PANIC – Stay Calm and Carry On (as normal). At a minimum, 50% of the people have no symptoms whatever.  Another 25%, at least, have mild effects akin to a bad cold.  Most of the rest are treated well and recover.  It’s mainly the old, weak and infirm who actually die.  It has all been planned to be highly infectious and persistent.  Exactly what I would design if I wanted to induce short-term panic to cover for a financial crash.  Never underestimate the psychopathic elite that hold the power in this world – don’t let them win this time around.

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