Telecom Jackboot: A 5G Kick to the Groin

In fact, despite the ongoing discussion, “the Federal Government,” Richard Maxwell and Toby Miller point out, “seems irrevocably split over the desire for innovation versus safety, and we are the victims of the race to 5G.”

If such claims seem like hyperbole, let us consider the testimony of a disinterested recognized authority. Paul Héroux, expert in epidemiology, biostatistics and public health, testified in 2018 that 5G is “a new threat on biological systems.” An abundance of research underwrites his position. Not that the industry itself has cared enough to consider the human health consequences.

Filmmaker Sabine El Gemayel points out that the Trump administration is throwing caution to the wind and presently plotting a strategy to implement 5G “despite potential dangers of this technology for human health and the environment.” Indeed, we might do well to remember that dispersed and targeted sources of radiation, like the sun and directed energy weapons (DEWs), have tangible effects on all life.