Talking World War III Blues: “Ukraine” fires kamikaze drones at major gas producer and missile plant in Russia as Kyiv hits series of military targets overnight


Russia‘ war efforts have been put on the back foot after Ukrainian kamikaze drones successfully struck a major liquefied natural gas (LNG) processor and a missile plant on the same night.

Video footage showed two enormous explosions at the Novatek plant in Ust-Luga port in Leningrad region, triggering a raging inferno at the site, which sits just 81 miles from St. Petersburg.

A Ukrainian official separately claimed that drones had hit the Shcheglovsky Val defence enterprise in Tula, which produces the Pantsir-S and Pantsir-S1 air defence missile systems used to defend key sites including Vladimir Putin‘s palaces.

There were also Ukrainian strikes on Smolensk, Oryol and Bryansk regions provoking engagements with Russian air defences in one of Kyiv‘s most intense nights of the war in targeting military-linked targets inside Russia.

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